A simple and easy way to actually use your domain.

Wordpress allows you to have an easily customizable website on your Handshake domain.

Currently hosting 32 wordpress sites!

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Secured over SSL with DANE

Anyone with a resolver supporting DANE will be redirected to the HTTPS version on your site and will have an encrypted connection using DANE for verification.

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Hosted with security in mind

The worker servers are fully secured so that the only access is HTTP for web traffic.
Any terminal access for maintenance is over a VPN tunnel to stop any unauthorized access. All SSH connections send a push notification to the admin's phone to alert him to any access.

Regular backups

The worker servers has weekly encrypted backups to an offsite location to allow recovery of any data if the server goes down.

Fully Managed

Control over plugins, users, access and everything with your site.

Free Licences supported by OpenSystems

We offer a free tier with 1 GB storage capacity.
If you would like more please contact us to find an acceptable price for you.
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